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SYSCOM Cloud Software

Bartec Syscom Cloud-based data empowering software for quick and easy data management by projects

Link any MR3000 device to your account and start generating true added value out of your data. Automatic project reporting and comparison with compliance curves are key features of the SCS.

MR3000 Product lines* compatibility
Quick & Easy to connect
Non corruptible safe data
Quick auto reporting feature with compliance curves
Easy data export

*MR3000C – MR3000TR – MR3000DMS – MR3000SB – MR3000BLA

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SYSCOM Instruments SA is a subsidiary of BARTEC GROUP, a multinational manufacturer of industrial safety equipment. SYSCOM Instruments SA is a leading provider of vibration and seismic monitoring equipment for civil engineering and safety related markets. SYSCOM Instruments reputation rests on the reliability of its products, coming from a meticulous control of every design and production aspect.
SYSCOM Swiss manufacturing facility utilizes modern, automated production and test equipment to assure cost-competitiveness and high quality products.